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MigroPay allows you to pay for your transport fare the easiest and simplest way. No hassle!

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What is MigroPay

MigroPay is revolutionizing how you pay transport fare. We are making it easier, simpler and faster for drivers and keke riders to collect fares and for passengers to pay their fares. At MigroPay, we are building a product which will make payment for transport fare.

With PayIt which is our flagship device, drivers and riders can accept payment from passengers and passengers can pay for fares through their smartphone. PayIt will solve the problems of "no change", inability to pay with debit cards and payment via cashless methods faced by passengers.



PayIt allows you to receive fares (for drivers and keke riders) and pay your fare (for passengers) in seconds.



While building PayIt, our major goal is to make something that is going to be easier and convenient to use for our users.



All transactions and payments that happen on our platform are protected by a high level of security.

How It works

For Drivers / Riders

i. Get the PayIt device - You can sign up on our platform, request for one and get it delivered to your home address.

ii. Activate the device and connect your bank account - After getting the device, you need to activate it and link your bank account.

iii. Start receiving fares directly from your passengers by allowing them to scan the QR code on the device.

Once they scan the QR code, you get credited. No time to waste.

How It Works

For Passengers

i. Have a smartphone - Currently, we are building for smartphone users, we plan to extend our service to non-smartphone users in the coming days.

ii. Scan the QR code on the PayIt device.

iii. A receipt showing your payment details is printed out and also sent to your email address.

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